Goodwrench Service: The Goodwrench Advantage

This series of 10 "Ask an Advisor" videos (5 2-minute videos + 5 videos under 30 seconds) answers consumers' questions about vehicle maintenance and service. The videos are informative, quick hits of useful facts and tips, and are produced in English and French. As the ACTRA agreement was to 2013, the videos can no longer be shown here.

Team: Jinnean Barnard (Co-Writer), Dave Stubbs (Creative Director & Co-Writer), John Alabaszowski (Creative Director & Art Director), Amy McConnell (Director), Revital Grunberg & Patricia Davidson (Producers)

Chevy TON 2011 (Truck Owners Network) -- General Motors

We created 6 episodes of TON TV in 2011 with host George Sekanina, filmed at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. TON TV episodes are featured on GM's two websites for trucks -- and -- and are the highest viewed pages on the site. TON TV episodes are produced in English and French.    

Team: John Alabaszowski (Creative & Art Director), Jinnean Barnard (Co-Writer), Dave Stubbs (Creative Director & Co-Writer), Amy McConnell (Director), Patricia Davidson (Producer)

World Vision 2009/2010 Campaign

This DRTV spot drove visitors online, where they could immediately begin the child sponsorship process and, if they chose to, view a short video that augmented the story.
Of the two spots created for this campaign, Real Need and Two Simple Words, Real Need drove the largest number of people online for fulfillment, while Two Simple Words had the greatest phone fulfillment. Real Need was also the top performer on two of the 10 stations on which it ran.
Real Need and Two Simple words matched or beat the control creative -- which had run for 8 years -- in calls received and sponsorships. Cost-per-call was about a third of the industry standard.

Elements: :120 and :60 spots, called "Real Need," both driving to phone and online.

Team: Ian Martin (Art Director), Scott Mckay (Co-Writer and Creative Director), Jinnean Barnard (Co-Writer)